Proudly Presents - The Artisan Cottage & Workshop
Pictured above:

Is a 6 story Castle
made out of a large (solid pine) corner hutch
 and it's just over 7' tall and almost 4' wide
(with doors closed).

My never ending project. ...

(Tap on any picture to enlarge) 

All classes, tours, appraisals, repaires and commissioned pieces are on hold until late Fall/Winter 2019 while we relocate to Fort Worth Texas. See y'all there!

Hello, and thank you for stopping by! Nice to meet you!  

My name is Suzan Rene Turner 

and  I Have been a Miniatureist almost all my life. 
As a former Hollywood Movie and TV Set Designer,Prop Maker, 
Commercial Property Designer and Graphic Artist/Illustrator, 
I  am so Blessed to merge my love of miniatures with my professional  skills.  
They say that if you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. 
Couldn't agree more!
The Artisan Cottage is a darling little Artists Studio
 located at the Top of  Lookout Mountain 
just West of Denver.
It's nestled in a group of giant pine trees that
when viewed from above
 is shaped like a perfect heart.  
The Cottage studio is now dedicated to Miniature
  Commissioned projects.
 We will resume miniature collection tours as soon as we unpack in our new location!

Bluette Maloney Shadow Box damaged in shipping.

Have anything in need of repair? 
I can bring it back to like new
 and specialize in very detailed miniature pieces. 
Example above: 
Bluette Maloney Enchante shadow box
badly damaged in shipping. 

From, wiring/lighting a Dollhouse or miniature scene, to making a miniature replica of about anything imaginable!
(In almost any scale) 

An example of a before and After remake:

I also make custom 3D printed things and scenes.
Examples of some 3D printed projects. 
The printing process produces a basic three dimensional shape. It is then assembled refined and painted(etc). to be finished as pictured.

3D printed close up of Alfred Hitchcock  porch in 1:12 scale
Alfred Hitchcock  scene /side, 1:12 scaleAlfred Hitchcock scene back 1: 12 scale

3D printed 1:12 smoking fireplace Christmas scene
3D printed Dremel tool organizer
3D printed working wave toy with tiny people3D printed rocket with animated lighting
3D printed snail and lighted shell turtle. Just along for the ride

3D printed 1:12 scale toxic waste spill

Baby Groot, fresh off the printer.3D printed baby Groot Valentines display.

Check out the Cottage Pics on the About Us Page!
If you would like more information,  please fill out the Custom Form Submission on the "Contact Us" page or e-mail us at
 Some Miniature Projects Completed~
 hundreds more not pictured:

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