Proudly Presents - The Artisan Cottage & Workshop
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Pictures of the Cottage:
Most days 1-4pm: by appointment only.
Tour takes approximately  3  hours.

 All classes, tours, appraisals, repaires and commissioned pieces are on hold until late Fall/Winter 2019 while we relocate to Fort Worth Texas. See y'all there!
*************************************************************info below will change quite a bit, once we are settled in our new location...
We are located at the Top of Lookout Mountain, about 17 miles West of Denver, in Colorado.
Our Altitude is 7,500 feet above sea level. That is a little more than 2,000  feet above Denver (The Mile High City).
 If you require O2 (Oxygen) we recommend that you bring a portable concentrator, or tank(s), and consult your doctor, for adjusted liter requirements, prior to your visit.
Most do not notice any altitude differences, if already acclimated to Colorado.
If you are visiting from out of state, however, it might be more of a consideration~ depending our your health conditions.
We are wheelchair and handicapped accessible.
There are no stairs for the miniature collection tour.

Any known, or unknown, health conditions and/or allergies to foods, pets, perfumes, glues, paints, dust etc. ~  are not our responsibility to know or shield you from. 
This collection is held in a private residence.
 You will be responsible to know your own health conditions, allergies, limitations, and take personal responsibility for yourself.
Everyone is required to sign a Waiver of Liability before Any scheduled  tour.

No Alcohol, or any other mind altering substance, will be permitted or provided.
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